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the lines

TEDxRansomEvergladesSchool 2023 will focus on the theme "Between the Lines", offering speakers a chance to analyze concepts and ideas that are not always seen as apparent, but require deeper analysis and understanding.

April 23rd, 2023

2045 S Bayshore Drive Miami, FL 33133

1:00 doors open
1:30 - session 1
2:30 - session 2

"Youth To Power"

Lucas lippey

"May The Quote Be With You"

Liv Steinhardt

During the summer of 2022, Lucas Lippey was fortunate enough to intern with the Office of Congressman David Cicilline of Rhode Island, where he became passionate about youth participation in politics and discovered the key disparities between representatives and the general public. In his talk “Youth to Power,” Lucas will discuss the ways young activists can demand the representation they are entitled to and assist in the fight to save our democracy.

We recycle our favorite movie quotes all the time, and beyond putting them on clothes, menus, and bumper stickers, we use them in our daily vocabulary. Film quotes have become shorthand for emotional expression – Liv’s talk analyzes their potential as tools for communication.

skye mcphillips




Eliza Arnold

Alicia Medina

"The Notes Between"

A few symbols in between a set of lines can create something beautiful. Alicia’s talk explores how classical music is all around us, and our exposure to this style of music can influence who we are and the decisions we make. With such an impactful presence in our lives, classical music can open doors that allow us to see the world in a whole new perspective.



"Out of Line: The Ethics of
Cancel Culture"

The Ethics of Cancel Culture explores the current issue of self-censorship and ideological conformity plaguing academia and discussions today. Diversity of thought is a beautiful thing and to dismiss it through public shaming of unpopular opinions is to dismiss learning. Sophia’s talk analyzes how cancel culture has integrated itself beyond the internet to classroom and dinner tables, and it can lead us to censor our authentic selves.



Eliza’s talk focuses on the fast fashion industry with an aim to educate and inform about the prevailing effects it has. She discusses the importance of being sustainable in relation to one's consumption of clothes. With the inclusion of eye opening data and examples, she hopes to motivate the audience to act more sustainably. 

"Finding Connection to Life"

Skye’s talk explores the topic of mindfulness and how it can be used to help people connect with themselves. Her talk features the real-life applications of mindfulness, tools that will help individuals learn how to tap into their grounded self, and a guided meditation.

"Fashion Shouldn’t Cost This Much"

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